Multifunction Robot for food preparations

Electromagnetic induction for heating
Cutting – Mixing – Emulsifying – Kneading – Cooking under vacuum
Cooling – Making reduction – Refining – Homogenizing


  • Double jacket with 3mm internal wall thickness
  • Automatic product discharging system operated by pneumatic piston
  • Lid and vessel in stainless steel AISI 316 mirror polished
  • Motorized scraper with PTFE spatula with self adapting segments
  • Automatic cycle with PLC and 5,7″ color touch screen
  • USB, ethernet ports and recipes storage
  • Water ring vacuum pump
  • Glass porthole with manual windscreen wiper and light
  • Automatic washing cycle
  • Water gun for manual cleaning
  • Motorized vessel tilting (> 90°)
  • Motorized up/down lid
  • Automatic lid locking operated by pneumatic pistons
  • Product temperature probe
  • Valve and funnel for powder or liquid additional ingredient
  • Smooth blades (blade thickness 6 mm) 2 blades
  • Tooth blades I 12mm (blade thickness 6 mm) 2 blades
  • Micro-tooth blades I 3mm (blade thickness 6 mm) 2 blades
  • Mixing paddle
  • Whipping tool
  • Kneader tool
  • Emulsify tool
  • Soft candied fruit basket
  • Rotating brushes tool for cleaning
  • Modem
  • Adjustable scraper speed
  • Direct steam heating operated by two injector valves
  • Volumetric doser
  • Descending capper

Technical data

Vessel and lid material specificationINOX AISI 316
Frame material specificationINOX AISI 304
Nominal vessel volume~ 150 litres
Maximum batch quantity (depending from the product and its size)~ 110-125 litres
Compressed air pressure8 bar
Maximum vacuum level– 850 mbar
Maximum pressure+ 750mbar
Maximum wall temperature200°C
Water inlet pressure2,5 bar

Energy consumption

Installed power36 kW
Main driveSSP 12,5 kW
Inverter22 kW
Power consumption per kg of finished product~ 0,1 kW
Vacuum pump water consumption~ 3,3 l/min

Utility connections

Inlet water cooling3/8”
Inlet water vacuum pump1/2”
Outlet water cooling3/8”
Outlet water vacuum pump1”
Safety exhaust valve1/2”
Discharge vessel pressure3/4”


Easy to install
Energy saving
Easy to operate
Easy to clean
Short cooking cycle
Heating zones
Few manual operations
Indirect heating
Easy to load ingredients
Easy to download finished product
Excellent mixing
Recipes storage
Limited dimensions
Vacuum and positive pressure
Limited maintenance


Confectionery – Bakery – Chocolate shop – Gelateria
Industry – Farm
Jam and marmellate
Almond/pistachios/hazel nuts/pine nuts/walnuts paste
Pastry/chocolate/coffee cream
Gelato bases
Glossy icing
Fruit juice-fruit paste-fruit purea
Jelly fruit
Pasta choux
Gastronomy- Canteen – Catering – Ready meal
– Convenience food – Farm – Supermarket
Mashed potato
Tuna sauce
Hummus and Tahina
Meat sauce
Baby food
Vegetable velvety
Vegetable soup
Laboratory – Diary industry – Farm
Process cheese
Spreadable cheese
Mozzarella cheese dough

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